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Akron, Ohio.

Lyndsey walked in and said she had someone photograph her when she was in her 20's and her skin was overly airbrushed and while she loved them at the time, she wanted to be photographed in a way that showed exactly as she is now. I think that's fucking awesome.

Exactly as she is now.

I want every woman who walks into my studio to leave loving themselves exactly as she is now.

I think that's an incredibly important aspect of self love. The right now.

I hear SO MANY women focus on the future. The thinner future. The more put together future. the summer tan future. The somehow better, more deserving of love future self.

But, we are worthy of love NOW. Right now. In your ratty yoga pants with your hair in a bun, while your kids make noise and you try to make dinner. RIGHT NOW.

I promise you, your weight has nothing to do with your value. You will not magically love yourself more 20 pounds lighter. I know from experience.

Our bodies are ever changing. We are aging, and growing, and becoming more and more HUMAN with every passing second, and if that doesn't seem worthy of documenting.... I don’t know what is.

I know my body doesn't look the way it did when I was 20. Before I had two children. Before I really LIVED and I'm thankful for the marks and scars and memories that show on my body, on my face, in my eyes....

And even if you're not now, you'll be thankful for them, too. No one looks back on their life and mourns their body.

So, here's to accepting ourselves exactly as we are. And beyond that, even LOVING yourself exactly as you are. You deserve the love you give so freely to others.

You are worthy, now. You are beautiful, now. You are powerful and strong and amazing, today. Right this moment.

Don’t waste one more second wishing away your present for a future that won't change your value.

Whether you're in Cleveland, Akron, or anywhere else in Northeast Ohio, I can help you see your beauty.


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