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  • Alchemist Boudoir


Bri is a fellow photographer in Akron who typically focuses on weddings (Bri Cherie Photos) and all around badass babe. I asked her if she would share a few words about her experience being photographed by me, and she gave me chills in the best possible way.

We met about 10 years ago while we were both working for Starbucks in Cuyahoga Falls, before either of us started our careers as professional photographers. Since her boudoir session with me, though, we have developed an amazing friendship. Not only is she totally stunning, but she is warm and hilarious and open like few people I have ever met. I am so thankful that my career allows me not only to empower women, but brings women into my life who make my own life richer.


"Driving to the studio for my session I was a mix of nervous, excited and self-doubting.

I, over the last couple of years gained a substantial amount of weight, which I had started to lose, but, you always put things off like this. "I'm not at the right weight yet." "I'm not sure about posing." All those things every woman ever says to themselves, about themselves. I decided, fuck it, just do it. Heather's a professional & her work is gorgeous, so... at least I could enjoy the art aspect of it.

During my shoot, my self-doubt started to dissipate as I hear Heather in the background, "YASSS!" "Oh my god, I love this!"

I mean, who could feel bad after that?

After the shoot I felt amazing and sexy. I mean, I was really feeling myself! Rolls, cellulite & all.

I receive my first sneak peeks...

I'm at first thinking.. I'm gonna pick at Every. Single. Imperfection.

I didn't. I viewed those photos... that's me. I literally cried and fell in love with myself.

Yes. My weight is different. Yes, I have some extra, but oh my god. How beautiful.

I always tell her now... It's body therapy."


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