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  • Alchemist Boudoir


Alese drove from Cleveland to my Cuyahoga Falls studio to let me photographer her.

"I was really nervous! I almost messaged you last night to cancel..."

We were both so glad she mustered the courage and make the trip, because her photos were STUNNING. Sometimes we feel apprehensive, and that's ok! Boudoir is empowering and it is beautiful but it is also a very vulnerable thing to do, letting a stranger see you in your most intimate form.

We made small talk while she showed me what she had brought with her. All lace, in various colors. We selected 3 outfits together and got down to business.

While easily getting into every pose I demonstrated, Alese started to loosen up. There was a lot of laughter (from both of us) and she left saying she felt very sexy and comfortable.

Going through her images to send her a sneak peek, I could hardly narrow down to just 3 images to show her. I generally send 1 image of each outfit from the session, but I had to send Alese more because I just couldn't choose!


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