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  • Alchemist Boudoir


If you have viewed my body of work, you'll immediately see that I work with a lot of heavily tattooed women. All bodies are good bodies. All bodies are beautiful. But, given that I myself am a tattooed woman, I find tattoos incredibly sexy.

When Caitlin walked into my studio I was so excited! She drove from Cleveland to Cuyahoga Falls where I’m located, and we just clicked right away. We struck up a conversation like old friends while she showed me the outfits she had brought with her. She told me she was divorced, had lost a fair bit of weight, and was ready to reclaim her body. I asked her what kind of music she loved and she instantly said "I LOVE HALSEY!". So not only did I have a fun session full of beautiful images I was graciously allowed to share, but I found a couple of songs that I had never heard before but really enjoyed.

Caitlin is a fellow photographer babe who is into LARPing! We we had such a blast, I cannot wait to have her back in the studio.


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